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    Goodbye Bedwetting, Hello Dry Nights! Get $60 Off the Oopsie Heroes Plus Bedwetting Alarm - Limited Time Offer!

    Are you tired of dealing with the stress and mess of bedwetting?

    Say goodbye to wet sheets and hello to dry nights with the Oopsie Heroes Plus bedwetting alarm!

    Our easy-to-use and clinically proven alarm is designed to help your child overcome bedwetting once and for all.

    With advanced sensor technology and a gentle alarm system, Oopsie Heroes Plus detects the first sign of moisture, waking your child up and training them to recognize the sensation of a full bladder. No more embarrassing accidents or disrupted sleep - just a confident, dry child!

    For a strictly limited time, Moosebaby is offering a fantastic $60.00 discount off the regular price of $249.95! Order your Oopsie Heroes Plus bedwetting alarm today for just $189.95, including shipping. Your child will thank you, and you'll finally get the restful nights you deserve.

    Why choose Oopsie Heroes Plus?

    • Small & comfortable design for easy wearability.
    • Automatic event logging to track your child's progress.
    • The personalized Parent Voice Alarm feature, where you use your voice as the alarm. Clinically proven to work better with deep sleepers.
    • Motivating and fun, making the experience enjoyable for your child.
    • No Bluetooth signals, ensuring a safe and secure experience.
    • Choose between a boy or girl character for a personalized touch.

    What's in the package?

    • Oopsie Heroes Plus Bedwetting sensor 
    • Seven sheets of sensor stickers to attach the sensor (±56 nights)
    • Oopsie Heroes Manual
    • Free access to the Oopsie Heroes App (Android & iOS)

    Don't let bedwetting ruin your child's confidence or disrupt your family's sleep any longer. Take action now and grab this limited-time offer! Say goodbye to bedwetting and hello to dry nights with Oopsie Heroes Plus. Order today!

    Available online from Moosebaby Australia and New Zealand

    Available from Moosebaby Australia and New Zealand


    Good question! But no, we advise you not to use Oopsie Heroes in combination with a nappy. Here is why: when you place the sensor on the outside of a nappy it can’t detect the urine, placing it on the inside would block the sensor signal. Next to that, experts advise people to not use nappy anymore as soon as you start using a bedwetting alarm. The learning curve of the child will be much less since the nappy makes the child feel too protected and he or she won't notice when the nappy gets wet. So, it’s better not to use nappy.

    Using the stickers provided, place the sensor on the outside of the undergarment or pyjama trousers, in the area where a leakage is expected.

    Nope, no Bluetooth signals. We use sound to communicate with the mobile device. How cool is that?!

    Yep! Depending on the thickness of the blanket the sound volume will be high or low. A thicker blanket = a lower volume. The sensor has a reach of about 3 meters.

    You can use a wet tissue to clean the sensor. Please don’t put it under water.

    Sure! The sensor can be used many times! Just replace the adhesive if it has become wet or if it no longer attached for a nights sleep.

    We advise to place the mobile device in your child's bedroom within a 2-3 meter distance from the bed. 

    Oopsie Heroes PLUS is backed by a limited manufacturer's warranty against any defects in materials and/or workmanship: Before opening (1) years and 90 days from the first day of use. Defects discovered within the warranty period should be reported to Oopsie Heroes Australia at

    In the unlikely event that your Oopsie Heroes PLUS develops a fault phase contact our customer support care team on and we'll be happy to help, including providing a replacement if necessary.