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    Bedwetting In General

    How Do Bedwetting Alarms Work?

    When our bladder is full, it sends a signal to our brains, informing us that it's time to visit the toilet. For some children, this communication is not yet developed enough to wake them up during the night. Therefore they need a helping hand.

    A bedwetting alarm like Oopsie Heroes can be the perfect solution for this. Bedwetting alarms wake up the child just after an "Oopsie moment", when the signals of the bladder are the strongest. When you do this after every nighttime accident, the brains of the child will be trained to recognise the signals of the bladder. This will eventually help them to wake up on their own and visit the toilet before wetting the bed. Bye bye Oopsie moments! 

    What Is The Success Rate Of Bedwetting Alarms?

    According to different studies, bedwetting alarms have a success rate of 75-90%! 

    Source: Doleys, D. M. (1977). Behavioral treatments for nocturnal enuresis in children: a review of the recent literature. Psychological Bulletin, 84(1), 30. 

    From What Age Can I Start Using A Bedwetting Alarm?

    Experts advise to start using a bedwetting alarm from the age of 6 years old. Only after this age the child has developed enough to be able to be "trained" for nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) issues.

    Next to that, bedwetting alarms are often only reimbursed by health insurers when your child is 6 years or older.


    Oopsie Heroes Plus

    Can Oopsie Heroes Plus Be Used In Combination With A Nappy?

    Good question! But no, we advise you not to use Oopsie Heroes in combination with a nappy. Here is why: when you place the sensor on the outside of a nappy it can’t detect the urine, placing it on the inside would block the sensor signal. Next to that, experts advise people to not use nappy anymore as soon as you start using a bedwetting alarm. The learning curve of the child will be much less since the nappy makes the child feel too protected and he or she won't notice when the nappy gets wet. So, it’s better not to use nappy.

    Where Do I Need To Place The Sensor?

    Using the stickers provided, place the sensor on the outside of the undergarment or pyjama trousers, in the area where a leakage is expected. 

    Does The Sensor Use Bluetooth?

    Nope, no Bluetooth signals. We use sound to communicate with the mobile device. How cool is that?!

    Does The Sensor Work Under A Blanket?

    Yep! Depending on the thickness of the blanket the sound volume will be high or low. A thicker blanket = a lower volume. The sensor has a reach of about 3 meters.

    How Can I Clean The Sensor?

    You can use a wet tissue to clean the sensor. Please don’t put it under water.

    How Do I Apply The Sticker?

    The Oopsie Heroes sensor comes with a few sticker sheets. The stickers help to easily attach the sensor to your child's clothing. Simply peel off a sticker from the sheet, put it on the back of the sensor and attach it to the undergarment or pyjama trousers of your child.

    Make sure to align the sticker correctly. 

    Is The Sensor Re-usable?

    Sure! The sensor can be used many times! Just replace the adhesive if it has become wet or if it no longer attached for a nights sleep. 

    Where Do I Place The Mobile Device At Night?

    We advise to place the mobile device in your child's bedroom within a 2-3 meter distance from the bed. 

    What Device Can I Use The Oopsie Heroes App On?

    You can use it on any mobile device which can run the Oopsie Heroes app such as an (old) phone or tablet (Android & iOS).

    Can I Close/Lock My Mobile Device During Night?

    Yes,  you can lock the screen once you have activated the sleep-mode of the app.

    Will My Child Be Alerted By Notifications From Other Apps Whilst Using The Device In His/Her Room?

    No. But make sure to place your device on silent / do not disturb or airplane mode. This will block additional notifications.

    Alongside, the volume of the mobile device should be loud enough for the Oopsie Heroes alarm to wake up the child. 

    My Child Is A Belly-sleeper, Will The Sensor Still Work?

    Because the sound of the sensor gets blocked more than usually it might take longer to detect the sensor sound. Alternatively, you can buy an extra sensor and attach two of them on different places.

    What Oopsie Heroes Sensor Version Do I Have?

    If your sensor is very thin and has the 'Oopsie Heroes Plus' logo on the back of the sensor you have an Oopsie Heroes PLUS sensor. Additionally there is a sticker labelled 'Oopsie PLUS' on the box provided. If you do not see this information you gave a standard Oopsie Heroes sensor.

    Oopsie Heroes Warranty

    Oopsie Heroes is backed by a limited manufacturer's warranty against any defects in materials and/or workmanship: Before opening (1) years and 90 days from the first day of use. Defects discovered within the warranty period should be reported to Oopsie Heroes at

    In the unlikely event that Oopsie Heroes develops a fault phase contact our customer support care team on and we'll be happy to help, including providing a replacement if necessary.




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