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    Congratulations! A new baby on the way, an exciting and special time to cherish. However you may wonder, will everyone in the family feel this way? Welcoming a new sibling to the family is a big change for everyone, especially for other children. Small moments can become an opportunity to help him feel loved and reassured.

    Here are our 6 tipsto help your older child transition and feel part of the process:

    1. Look at your child’s baby photo album together

    A nice way to start helping your eldest understand the changes that will take place in the coming months is to look at their baby photo album together. Children love hearing stories about when they were a baby. Looking at old photos can help you remember this special time and help explain the coming changes more easily too.

    2. Get your older child involved in preparation

    Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth, getting ready for her welcome feels new each time. A busy mama with less time already, routine preparations can feel overwhelming. Why not enlist your eldest to help with this process? This can be a special time to bond, choose items, and put things away together. This way your little helper already knows where everything is once you ask for a diaper, teddy or a dummy.

    3. Play with a toy baby doll

    ‘Having a baby’ can be an abstract notion for pre-schoolers. Help your eldest understand more concretely what the day to day with a baby may look like by playing with a toy baby doll. Play changing the babys diaper, dressing the baby, putting them in the pram or in the maxi cosi. A fun activity together, it can also help everything feel more real (for both of you!).

    4. Make and freeze meals 

    Preparing some meals in advance and freezing can help you during the especially busy first few weeks as you all adjust. Cooking together can also be a great opportunity to bond with your eldest over your favourite meals. Enjoy a meal that evening and freeze the other half for later.

    5. Find a special moment to do things alone

    This can be a difficult one to include in an already busy schedule, however enjoying an alone moment together with your eldest will certainly be valued. This could be reading a book together, going for a walk or for a hot chocolate to a nearby café.

    6. Sharing Toys

    ‘Sharing is caring’ A tricky one for both parents and pre-schoolers is the moment a new baby sibling starts grabbing for their toys. For bewildered parents, a full box of duplo with one missing piece for the new baby to play with should not be a big deal, but for your eldest child it can be. Help your eldest learn how to share by talking to her about its importance and giving each one plenty of turns.

    A new sibling is a big change to family life, hopefully these tips can help your family adjust and enjoy your new addition! What helped you adjust to new family life?