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    As your child grows from baby to toddler, it is time for the toilet adventures to begin and replace nappies for toddler training pants.

    As parents, we look for ways to help our children master important development milestones. Although toilet training is a normal part of growing up, it can also be tricky to master. Each child learns at their own pace, and girls can learn differently from boys. To help you get started with toilet training your child we have gathered some ‘getting started’ tips from parents. 

    Toilet training methods:

    To get started research and select a toilet training method to try. Depending on your child and lifestyle there are many toilet training methods you could choose from. For example:

    - Child Oriented (CO) or the Brazelton approach
    - Naked weekend method
    - Rewards method.

    Signs your child is ready:

    As your child develops, there are several ways you can spot if they are ready to start toilet training. A few examples are: 

    - They know when they have a dirty nappy
    - They understand they need to wee, and may look for a private spot.
    - They show interest in the bathroom and how other people use it.
    - Keeping their nappy dry for a few hours, for example after a nap. 

    Get the right equipment:

    Once you have understood the various methods and spotted your child is ready its time to get started. Prepare by having a toilet, toilet seat, or training pants at the ready. You could also use an alarm alert such as Oopsie Heroes, to help you bring your child to the toilet on time.

    How Oopsie Heroes helps parents for toilet training:

    - Helps parents take action -The beep sound alerts parents there has been a leak, so you can bring your child to the toilet immediately.

    - Use your own clothing- Children can continue using their underwear or training pants in combination with Oopsie Heroes.

    - Makes a brain connection -The sound alert, helps children begin to recognize and connect peeing with going to the toilet. Over time, this routine will train the child's brain to recognize the signals from the bladder so that the child can go to the toilet independently.

    - Small and discreet –The Oopsie Heroes sensor is designed to be small and comfortable to wear.

    - Reminder for the child – Sometimes children are busy playing and engaged in an adventure. Oopsie Heroes could help here as a reminder it’s time to go to the toilet.

    Using Oopsie Heroes during toilet training:

    Ready to get started? Here are some tips on how to use Oopsie Heroes for toddler toilet training:

    1. Involve the child: Help your child become familiar with Oopsie Heroes by involving them in the setup and process. Explain to them how it works, let them attach it themselves to their clothing, and select an alarm together (if you are using this feature). By involving them in the process it will be less scary.

    2. Use training pants: Use Oopsie Heroes in combination with textile training pants or clothing. This will work much better than usual nappies, where the wetness cannot be detected. Leakproof underwear also works well.

    3. Toilet train during the day: Use Oopsie Heroes during the day. This way you can quickly take action and help your child connect when its time to use the toilet. 

    4. Alarm as an alert: Using the app alarm alert feature? Make sure to place your phone in the same room, so that the phone can detect and set off the alarm. If you would like to use the sound alone, that is also ok but the sound may be softer.

    We hope these tips help you get started! Good luck!