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    It is no secret that most behaviours and habits practiced by adults were instilled in them as kids. This is one of the reasons why adults find it harder to break a particular habit.

    Kids have an absorbent brain that helps them take in every piece of information given to them quickly, thus enhancing their learning ability.

    Here are some healthy living habit ideas that you can teach your kids to ensure their good health. 

    Eating healthily

    Statistics have shown that about 14.5 million kids and US teenagers are obese or overweight, and one of the major causes of this is unhealthy eating habits.

    Teaching your kids how to eat healthily is one of the important healthy living pillars. This will help boost their immune system and prevent them getting sick and fighting infections.

    As a parent, teaching and helping your kids eat healthily can be a real hassle, especially if your kids are picky with their food. One of the ways you can solve this is by serving their meals in an attractive and fun manner. Encouraging them to take part in the cooking process also helps.

    Sure, there would be times when they would want to indulge in fast food or junk; and as an exception, why not? However, teach them to see these as a treat and not an everyday thing.

    Another effective way to teach your kids good eating habits is by practicing them yourself. Make sure they see you eating healthily. This will not only spark their curiosity, but it will also make them more receptive to the idea. 

    Maintaining good personal hygiene

    Another important habit to teach your kids is the art of maintaining good personal hygiene.

    Teaching your kids to maintain their personal hygiene cannot be overemphasised. It keeps illnesses at bay and also gives them a sense of responsibility at an early age.

    Examples of personal hygiene habits to teach your kids

    • Brushing twice a day
    • Bathing in the morning and night
    • Hand washing before eating, after leaving the toilet, and after engaging in outdoor activities.

    An effective way to teach your kids about personal hygiene is to talk to them about its importance.

    Tell them why they need to practice these habits, and they will be more inclined to follow through. 

    Expressing their emotions

    As parents, you must teach your kids how to express their emotions healthily. This will not only make them confident but will also help build their emotional stability.

    You can teach your kids to express their emotions by starting up conversations about their day and encouraging them to talk about it, building trust, and creating a safe place where they can always run to, reassuring them to open up to you and make you their confidant.

    You should validate their emotions and make them feel heard.

    Kids who are taught to express their emotions healthily tend to succeed in life and have a higher sense of self-confidence. A nice book to read together is 'Feelings'.


    To conclude, the easiest way you can teach your kids healthy living habits is by practicing them yourself.

    Your kids look up to you and see you as role models, and will follow your habits more than any other teachings.