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    My son (age 7) has a problem with bedwetting for years. I tried some bedwetting alarms which use cable to connect the sensor and alarm. As far as I know most of bedwetting alarms have cable to connect sensor and alarm. I was looking for a wireless bedwetting alarm.

    I used Oopsie Heroes in this way: first, wear underwear on which Oopsie Heroes is attached with sticker. Then, wear training pants (diaper) over underwear. My son did not feel uncomfortable when he started to use Oopsie Heroes on his underwear because it is small and it does not have any cable.  I could use app right after I installed it on my mobile phone without any special set up. 

    What I believe best compared to other bedwetting alarms, I can hear the wake up sound from the app installed on my mobile device so that I can wake up my son immediately.  

    In case of bedwetting alarm connected with cable, it was sometimes difficult for me to hear the alarm sound because my son sleeps apart from me. I could not wake him up right after the alarm sounded.  Using Oopsie Heroes, however, I could wake him up immediately when the alarm sounds from my mobile phone and take him to toilet. I suppose it was a good training for him.

    He wetted the bed every night before using Oopsie Heroes. Almost one month has past, he wets bed only once a week. I am surprised to see this progress. I know it depends on individuals, Oopsie Heroes is effective to my son. He is a deep sleeper.  When he weed during sleeping, he took off his underwear by himself without waking up and fell in sleep again. 

    But using Oopsie Heroes, he wakes up by alarm and, I suppose, he becomes to feel that his bladder is full. I will continue to use Oopsie Heroes expecting further success.

    By the way, the sensor had a trouble and did not work soon after purchasing. But it was replaced with a new sensor at no charge. It was very kind to customer.

    By Japanese Mama