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    Australian Parent Review: Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm by Baby Vine Australia

    Time really does fly when you have kids. One minute, they are a snuggling little newborn nestled in your arms, then a toddler running away from you, before becoming a preschooler heading off to school. I could go on, but we are all parents and we all get it. And as much as we would like time to slow down, I don’t think we will get our wish. I have three children: Cassie (5), Vivi (3) and Elliot (147months). There is one part of parenting that has me stumped: night training a child. After winging through it with Cassie, I was thrilled to test out the Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm with Vivi.

    Cassie has been our easy child when it comes to hitting the milestones. She was a late walker, but she was talking early, day toilet trained at just two in a matter of days and has never looked back. Then she started wetting herself more and more often for attention and asking for nappies again (her baby sister had just arrived). So we decided it was time to get rid of nappies altogether.


    Just like that we threw out the night nappies. No, she wasn’t dry in the morning before we started. No, she probably wasn’t ready yet. But we felt we needed to do it. We invested in a wet mat (that covers the bed to keep the sheets dry) and dove straight in. We were met with night after night of Cassie wetting the bed, but the strangest part: she never woke when it happened. In fact, if it happened after we were in bed too, we wouldn’t know about it till she woke in the morning.

    After a week and a half I was ready to throw the towel in. She wasn’t waking, wasn’t holding on and we were getting nowhere. She then had a sleepover with her Nan and I told her to pop a nappy on (Nan shouldn’t have to deal with that!). When Cassie came back home, she insisted no nappy again. We went with it. To our surprise, that night she was dry – and she has been ever since! She was just 2.5 years old and night trained.


    Then along came Vivi. She is our little trouble maker and the life of the party. You can’t be around this child without cracking a smile. She was late to talk and then burst out the sentences with no warning. She wouldn’t walk, then one day stood up and just toddled around the room. Everything is done in Vivi’s time.

    We day trained Vivi at 2.5 years old, and she was again fairly easy and definitely ready. We knew night training was a long way off and didn’t want to go through what we did with Cassie. But Vivi had other plans! She has decided she will pop her nappy on at night, then when we leave the room, off it comes again.

    We were going up each night to find she had taken the nappy off and wet the bed, without us even knowing. Just like Cassie, she was happily sleeping through it. So, naturally, it was time to night train again. This time we didn’t have a choice!

    Signs Your Child Is Ready For Night Training

    I was given these handy signs from Oopsie Hero. While there are no hard and fast rules, they recommend either about six months after they have day trained, or:

    • Night nappies are getting drier and drier.
    • Your child has stopped drinking a bottle before bed; and/or
    • Your child has a late evening drink but is going to the toilet before bed.
    • Your child is communicating well; there’s a link between speech and toilet training success.


    This time, we were prepared with the Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm. We didn’t want Vivi sleeping in her wee through the night, and this was the perfect solution. The best part, it all links up to your smart phone to make it nice and easy to use. So how does it work?

    The wireless bedwetting alarm has a tiny attachable wee sensor, which is connected to your smartphone. You essentially get to know your child’s bedwetting patterns. After just a few nights, we discovered that Vivi was wetting the bed around 10pm each night.

    1. We placed the sensor on her at bedtime and put her to sleep.
    2. If she wet the bed, the sensor would send a signal to the smartphone near her, which sounds an alarm. This wakes her up and encourages her to go to the bathroom on her own.
    3. After a few nights of this, we realised a pattern was developing, and she was always weeing at around 10pm.

    So… the question you all want to know. Did it work?


    Vivi is definitely an entirely different child to Cassie. We found the Oopsie Hero really helpful for the first week, in getting to know her pattern and when she wet the bed. It was either around 11pm, or first thing in the morning. Just like Cassie, she just wasn’t keen on getting up for the toilet!

    Instead of making her go during the night, we switched off the alarm, and worked on getting her up first thing in the morning for a wee.

    It worked a charm! It took about two solid weeks, but we got there, and have now been accident free for one week and counting.

    The alarm was helpful in letting us know when she was going at night. Another approach could have been to wake her before that nighttime wee and pop her on the toilet, but our little girls are a bit too stubborn for this.

    It’s such a great aid to help with night training, and we will be hanging onto it for Elliot! Two down, one to go. I can feel the home stretch!

    Australian Parent Review: Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm byBaby Vine Australia