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    By Sarah Lou at

    For roughly two months now we have been trying out Oopsie Heroes, which is a clever little device, it sits just outside of the Childs underwear and sounds an alert when it detects wetness.

    A couple of nights a week after returning home from I noticed that my youngest, Robin, had a tendency to sleep so heavily at night that she failed to get up and get herself to the toilet which has lead to a lot of damp bedclothes and a great deal of washing for me, deciding to place her back into pull-ups seemed to be the only solution to help prevent wetness but it didn’t fix the situation, and while she was dry every other night I wanted to find a different solution.

    In comes Oopsie Heroes, who offered me a chance to test out their product and share with you what I thought of it. I decided to give it a long trial due to the fact that I share time with the children with their dad and wanted to make sure to give it a fair and proper test when she was at home with me.

    The device itself is surprisingly not as heavy as I expected, it is however bulky and Robin wasn’t impressed with having it on her underwear when she was trying to sleep, but eventually she did settle and got used to trying it out. On the app itself you can choose what hero you wanted to be, she of course chose the girl hero and I gave her the opportunity to select what alert sound she wanted and we set about trying our Oopsie Heroes.

    At first it did work pretty well, however I did notice that there was a big delay from when the device got wet to when the alarm sounded on my phone which I didn’t feel was useful, if the alarm went off pretty instantly of when wet reached the sensor then I can see it being more of a instant ‘Quick get up’ sort of alarm, but children tend to not stop going when they go, or at least in my case!

    Another aspect I feel like the device doesn’t take into account is the fact that sometimes children are really heavy sleepers, I can see this being something that would be useful if your child was an easy waker but what I noticed for us is that it didn’t really wake Robin up in time before she had properly soaked her underwear.

    The sensor is however well made and of course waterproof, so it can take a lot before it becomes unusable and inside the box that I got, it came with extra sticky pieces to stick to your Childs underwear.

    How it works is basically this, you place the sensor into your Childs underwear, set the app to ‘sleep’ after setting an alarm sound for when the sensor picks up any wet or damp, and get the child to go to sleep.. the theory is that the sound of the alarm will wake the child up and prompt them to get to the toilet in time. For us however it didn’t really work and Robin stopped wetting the bed on her own time and became dry once again over night regardless of if the sensor was there or not.

    I feel like this is something that wouldn’t be necessary for children, its a good idea in theory but children often learn how to not to wet themselves during the night due to a hormone and it isn’t something that can be learnt and I think we need to learn that accidents do happen even if the child has been toilet trained for months or even years.

    However, a firm believer in trying things new out first, it can’t hurt to give anything a try while you are battling wet beds and endless cycles of the washing machine!

    By Sarah Louw at