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    We are trying out a new bedwetting solution at the moment called Oopsie Heroes. It’s basically a little sensor that is fitted to your child’s underwear or pyjama bottoms during the night and if they have an accident it sends a signal to your mobile device to alert them. This then wakes them so they can go to the bathroom. The idea is that over time this will help train your child’s brain to recognise signals from the bladder.

    I’m trying out the product on our two and a half year old daughter, Cara. She has recently been toilet trained during the day but still wears a pull-up at night so the timing seemed good to try this out on her. The product is actually aimed mainly towards children between the ages of six and eighteen however Cara is quite clued in so I thought it was worth trying out.

    First impressions are good. The packaging is very cute. The superheroes design on the front is eye catching and very appealing to kids. When this arrived to our house in the post all three of our kids were intrigued as to what was in the box. It’s also a nice size, just about right to fit in a bedside cabinet drawer for storage during the day when you’re not using it.

    Inside the box there is a quick start guide which is very simple and straightforward to use, it even includes some step-by-step pictures which you can’t go wrong with. There is also the sensor itself in the box and some double-sided adhesive stickers to attach the sensor to your child’s underwear. The Sensor is small in size, just slightly larger than a twenty pence piece. It’s small enough to be discreet but not too small that you could easily lose it.

    The setup was very simple. I downloaded the Oopsie Heroes app onto my iPhone and it was ready to use in seconds. The app itself is very basic and child friendly. On the main screen you are only able to select one button to notify the app when your child is going to sleep or waking up each morning. There is a menu drop down option at the top left hand corner of the screen which will take you to a list of different alarm sounds that you can select and even an option to record your own voice instead of an alarm melody. I thought this was a great idea and could be quite appealing to most parents as their child is likely to respond positively to hearing their voice wake them up during the night rather than an unfamiliar sound.

    If you’re not technical or still struggling to get Oopsie Heroes up and running they have a great How it works section on their website. Here you’ll find a tutorial video that demonstrates how to test the device and how to set-up before going to sleep. This is very useful and should help get things up and running.

    There is also a calendar option in the app to review the times your child has had accidents whilst asleep. This would be good for identifying trends and also tracking your child’s progress throughout.

    Overall I’m very impressed so far with Oopsie Heroes. It’s too early for us to tell if it will be a success at this stage but I’ll keep you updated on our progress. The product literature suggests that it takes around six to twelve weeks to work.