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    What is it?

    Oopsie Heroes is a fun & simple bedwetting alarm for kids. It combines an app with a tiny sensor that teaches children how to make it to the toilet on time at night. Goodbye Oopsie moments!

    How does it work?

    The tiny sensor used alongside the app is great at tracking your little ones Oopsie patterns helping them to wake up and use the toilet! It’s very easy to attach the sensor to their pjs as you’re provided with quite a few stickers.

    Our thoughts?

    Little Miss has been day time toilet trained for a few years now but we’ve never got the hang of night time training so I was delighted to learn that Oopsie Hereos existed!

    First things first 😀she actually flushed her original sensor down the toilet😶 so our Oopsie Heros journey was delayed by a couple of days until we got a new one!

    So, at this moment in time we’ve been using it every night for around 2 weeks now and it has definitely been helping. The sensor works perfectly fine and the alarm definitely goes off but there’s been a few times where we’ve both slept through the alarm *face palm*

    I really like the fact I can record my own voice and set it as an alarm! Little miss loves this feature too!

    I think it will take a couple of more weeks for her to be completely night time trained. I’m feeling very hopeful! Check back in as I will update this post within the next couple of weeks with the outcome!

    In the meantime, if you’re already sold you can check out Oopsie Hereos here!

    Update – 4th May 2020

    We are officially pull ups free!

    That’s right! No more bed wetting! We haven’t had an accident in 3 weeks! I’m so happy this worked because it means my little one is growing up but also means spending less money 🤣

    I have an unopened pack of Sainsbury’s pull ups in the house just incase but I do believe we won’t even need them at this point!

    I can’t recommend Oopsie Heroes enough!

    I actually had someone dm on Instagram not too long again saying that bed wetting is a psychological thing and we can’t train kids to stop. They’ll stop when they want to. I’m not sure how true this is but Oopsie Hereos definitely played a huge part in keeping little miss dry at night.

    I introduced the alarm to her and asked her if she was okay with using it. She was quite happy to use it. “I don’t like smelly pullies” were her exact words 😅 she was more than happy to ditch the pull ups!

    We still very much use the alarm but now she’s waking up to go to the toilet by herself without the alarm even going off and there are even some occasions where she just sleeps through with her knickers dry in the morning!

    It’s a fab invention and we love it!

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