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    This blog post was written by Guest Blogger Rachel - Check out her blog Out and About Mummy at - 

    All children are different and develop in their own time. From taking their first steps to using the toilet, no two children are the same. My boys (one is now 7, one is 4 next month) were very similar when it came to being dry during the night, around three years old they started to not wear nappies in the day. Once they stopped wearing nappies at all and fully used the toilet, something seem to click and they were dry during the night. Both my boys tend to go right through without waking for the toilet but will do in needs be.

    My almost 4 year old girl, Isla has been completely different. She became fully toilet trained during the daytime around the same time as her twin brother Oscar, but the main difference is how wet she still is during the night. Until recently she would wear a nappy and sleep right through without noticing she’s wet at all.

    Positively the last week or so, Isla has woken a few times during the night, asking for the toilet. She’s still sometimes wet already when she wakes and usually always wet in the morning, but nowhere as much as she was. She has been wearing a pull-up since not being as wet, but I can’t see a way of getting rid of pull-ups as she doesn’t wake even when wet!

    That’s why I said yes to checking out Oopsie Heroes – the ultimate bed-wetting alarm!

    Oopsie Heros is a simple bed-wetting alarm, which with the use of an app and a tiny sensor, teaches a child how to make it to the toilet in time during the night. The tiny sensor (which uses sound and not Bluetooth) tracks any Oopsie moments, finds the pattern and helps your child to wake up on time.

    Using an alarm (can be a parents voice), the app can help motivate your child, often support and have them dry throughout the night within 6-12 weeks. It’s seems super simple to use, just attach the sensor to your child’s pyjamas using the stickers provided and activate the app.

    This sounds fab! We downloaded the app onto my iPad which during the night will be placed in the hallway (can be up to 3 metres away from the sensor).

    So, tonight is day one for us. No pull-ups for Isla tonight, we have stuck a sensor on her pyjamas and activated the app. She did take a little persuading at first which I suppose is normal, but when she saw that it just stuck to her clothes she was perfectly fine with it!

    I will let you know how we get on over the next few weeks!

    I have been gifted this product in return for an honest review, I was genuinely interested in this product and can’t wait to find out more about it! 

    This blog post was written by Guest Blogger Rachel - Check out her blog Out and About Mummy at -

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